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We work with professionals and leaders within organizations who understand the moral and business case for moving equity work forward. The time to becoming a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organization is now. Let us help.


Empowered Individuals

As our society grows more diverse and as the disparities and tension between marginalized and dominant groups increases, people have an opportunity to come together to address racial inequities, break down barriers and move towards creating a world that works now and for the generations that follow. Become a change agent in your community.


A Culture of Change

You need tangible tools and action to advance equity in your personal and professional life. Collaborate with others in your field and community and let CEI guide you to creating essential tools and strategies to increasing your awareness and operationalizing equity.


We Believe in Possibility

At CEI we are fueled by the idea of a more inclusive world. When organizations and people are operating in a more equitable and inclusive manner – everyone wins.



Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) is a newly formed organization focused on advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts both locally and nationally. It was born out of the increasing racial and economic disparities experienced in our communities, the perceived lack of a systemic approach to addressing these disparities, and a growing idea about a holistic solution.

Our mission is to advance equity and eliminate disparities through a holistic approach to transform personal and professional communities. Our approach is focused on raising consciousness and building tools that equip individuals, schools and organizations to build more inclusive environments. We do this by providing comprehensive programming, targeted consulting, and training- regionally and nationally- for those interested in working together to urgently advance equity and inclusion within their institutions and communities.

A Response to Charlottesville…

We, at the Center for Equity and Inclusion extend our support and stand in solidarity with the Charlottesville community and all communities impacted by this weekend’s actions. Our hearts are heavy, witnessing the never-ending manner in which white supremacy continues to oppress communities of color (as well as other marginalized communities), dislodge white people from a collective sense of humanity and stain the consciousness and integrity of our country.

We unequivocally condemn the President’s response to the blatant racism and terrorism that the Charlottesville community, and by extension our country, experienced this weekend. The President’s response is reflective of a longstanding pattern of endorsing, participating and profiting from white supremacy. While having a racist white male president who promotes and profits from white supremacy is anything but new, our response to what we expect from the presidency and our country must not lose steam, not now. Now more than ever we must collectively work together to not just powerfully resist but also commit to creating something new; a new foundation for this country, one that has space for all of us to stand.

What’s New

Enrolling for 2018-2019!

Equity Certificate Program for School Leaders

An innovative partnership with multiple school districts, Lewis and Clark College and community equity leaders.
For teachers, administrators and counselors interested in creating equitable transformation in their school community.
      • A full year graduate level program for deeply committed educators
      • Leadership skill-building for advancing equity work K-12.
      • Instructors are recognized diverse leaders in equity practice in Oregon
Talk to your school administrator or district office about how your school can participate.

Individuals make a difference.  Disparities close collectively.

Now is the time.

Reframing Racism, our highly sought signature workshop is filling up for FALL!  This transformative experience is designed to increase racial consciousness and develop culturally competent individuals who understand how racism operates and what can be done about it.

People come from all over the country to participate in this workshop.  Join others eager to create change within their spheres of influence.

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Registrations are already coming in so save your spot and  REGISTER today!

Coming Soon, Our New E-Course

Not Your Average Diversity Training: Reframing Equity and Inclusion

For people interested in being at the forefront of significant, sustainable change within their industry — not just  a checklist of do’s and don’ts.

Dive deep into issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion that impact your workforce — and your mission or bottom line. This innovative online course delivers the language, tools, and beginning action steps necessary to start becoming a more equitable organization.

An excellent resource for

  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Executive Leadership
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Board Members

Join leaders across the country from private, public, non-profit and education sectors who understand both the moral and business case for being an equitable, diverse and inclusive organization.