Reframing Racism: Language and Tools for Advancing Equity

What can I do? It’s a common question we hear from people of color and white folks in response to racial events that consistently show up in the news and occur in our own communities.

At CEI, we believe people need a place to talk about race, tools  to navigate these sometimes uncomfortable conversations, and ways  to take action and make positive change in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and  communities.

In response, we offer Reframing Racism, a transformative process designed to help folks become more racially conscious, culturally competent individuals who understand how racism operates and what we can do about it.

During this training series, participants will: This training series will include:
  • Explore how race was constructed
  • Build a racial vocabulary
  • Analyze current events
  • Practice communicating cross-culturally
  • Develop an equity toolkit
  • Make a plan for advancing equity
  • Facilitated dialogue and discussion
  • Experiential activities
  • Assigned readings and viewings
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Online learning

  • This series consists of a 2.5 day kickoff training and 3 follow-up sessions.
  • Trainings and follow-up sessions are held monthly in Southwest Portland.
  • CEI will gladly issue PDUs via CEI certificate for educators.  Participants must work with district and TSPC to verify acceptance.
  • Workshop pricing $500.  Includes all necessary materials.

Select from the following session dates:

  • WAITLISTED – May 2-4: Wednesday (9-1p), Thursday (9-5p), Friday (9-5p) with follow-ups occurring from 6pm-9pm on May 23, June 6 and June 20
  • OPEN – May 18-20: Friday (5-9p), Saturday (9-5p), Sunday (9-5p) with follow-ups occurring from 6pm-9pm  on June 5, June 19, and July 20
  • OPEN – October 5-7:  Friday (5-9p), Saturday (9-5p), Sunday (9-5p) with follow ups occurring from 6pm-9pm on October 24, November 7, and November 28 from 6-9pm.
  • OPEN – October 24-26: Wednesday (9-1p), Thursday (9-5p), Friday (9-5p) with follow ups  occurring from 6pm-9pm on November 13, November 27 and December 6