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June 2017

Consultant, Solid Ground Consulting

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Solid Ground’s Commitment to Equity

Solid Ground Consulting wants our firm to mirror the communities we live in and serve. We are committed to creating a multicultural workplace grounded in equity and inclusion, and we are committed to continuously learning and evolving as individuals and as a firm. We are currently engaged in a year-long, transformative process to examine our internal culture and the work we do through an equity lens. We look forward to having our new colleagues join and contribute to this important work.

About Us

The team at Solid Ground Consulting – six great people here in Portland, one in Vermont and other partners around the country – is connected by a common bond:  We want to make a difference.  It’s a desire we share with people in every corner of every community.  As organizational, strategy, and leadership consultants, we’re on this planet to partner with others make a greater impact – to build greater confidence, by expand their capability, and  partnering to discover a clear pathway to achieve their goals.  Within organizations, these are not small things: They often represent transformational changes that can make all the difference in the world.

The Opportunity

Solid Ground Consulting approaches organizational development consulting through an integrated approach that organizes our work around four dimensions of organizational impact –leadership, strategy, brand and culture. We are looking to build our expertise in the Culture Practice – guiding organizations as they seek to build an intentional culture including equity and inclusion.

Solid Ground works with nonprofits and public-sector organizations with missions focused on healthy environment, thriving economy and / or vibrant community. Our clients in Oregon and SW Washington are quite varied and we have a national practice in land and water conservation. Our projects range from small planning engagements to complex large scale mergers and strategy initiatives.

To learn more about this opportunity, click HERE.

Summer Session Open!

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When folks heard that our next Reframing Racism workshop was scheduled for October, they let us know that waiting that long would just not work!  We’ve taken that feedback, moved a few things around and are happy to announce a summer session of Reframing Racism!  We must meet a minimum number of 25 participants so help us get there!

Here are the dates-

  • August 1-3 – this is the intensive portion (2.5 days)
  • August 24, September 7 and September 14 – these are the follow up sessions (6-9pm)

Click here for more details!

Click here to register!

We look forward to seeing you in August!

Executive Assistant, Solid Ground Consulting

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Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Solid Ground Consulting wants our firm to mirror the communities we live in and serve. We are committed to creating a multicultural workplace grounded in equity and inclusion, and we are committed to continuously learning and evolving as individuals and as a firm. We are currently engaged in a year-long, transformative process to examine our internal culture and the work we do through an equity lens. We look forward to having our new colleagues join and contribute to this important work.

About the Job

We are seeking a highly capable Executive Assistant to support the Owner / Principal of the firm. The Executive Assistant is an integral part of an energetic, growing team working on projects that make a difference in the community. This is a great opportunity for a serious – but not too serious – administrative pro! We demand a lot and have a lot of fun along the way.


  • Support Principal needs through a broad variety of administrative duties, including complex travel coordination; calendar and task management; and office organization
  • Work closely and effectively with Principal to help him manage upcoming commitments and responsibilities
  • Anticipates and shares Principal’s project management responsibilities
  • Organize and maintain office files and client/project binders for Principal
  • Assist with material preparation and notes following meetings, facilitations, and retreats facilitated by the Principal, including participation at retreats
  • Communicate on behalf of Principal with clients and colleagues
  • Provide some personal support to the Principal
  • Oversee the work of the Office Assistant

To learn more about this position please click HERE.

Senior Director of Programs, “I Have a Dream” Oregon

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Equity Statement

We believe that cultural, institutional, and individual racism creates disparities and barriers that are neither fair nor equitable. We are committed to advancing racial equity as a foundational element of all aspects of our work and with all of our stakeholders. In addition to racism, we recognize that ALL other forms of bias must also be addressed in order to create a more just and equitable society. We remain steadfast in our commitment to comprehensive community partnerships to help close the racialized achievement gap in our schools and colleges. We strive to create a truly equitable organization: one where students, families, and communities are welcomed and supported, where their faces, voices, and experiences are reflected and valued. We listen and respond with great care and intentionality to the students and families with whom we partner. We consistently analyze our organizational commitment to equity and inclusion as expressed through our policies and practices, our workforce and board composition, and engagement of students and families as central guiders of our work. We are committed to collaborating with other organizations towards advancing equity for all.

Overview of Organization and the Dreamer School

“I Have a Dream” Oregon is seeking applicants for the full-time position of Senior Director of Program. This is an opportunity to join a mission-driven team unified around educational equity and a vision to break the cycle of poverty and change the game at a systemic level for children and families in poverty-impacted communities. Beginning in 1990, “I Have a Dream” (IHD) partnered with schools in poverty-impacted areas to select their 3rd grade class to be a Dreamer Class. IHD has selected 10 such classes; five are still active—one just graduating high school with the remainder in college. “Dreamers” receive three core services: mentoring, academic and social services, and exposure to a “culture of college and career” through post-secondary education. Building on this success, in 2010 IHD moved to a “Dreamer School” model, expanding our reach to annually serve over 800 Dreamer students and their families in the Reynolds School District through a highly collaborative shared-cost model with more than 70 nonprofit and higher education partners. 84% of these students are children of color and many are bi-lingual, with over 25 languages represented. In addition to continuing the three core services cited above, the Dreamer School model includes expanded emphasis on early childhood education, college completion and career transition, and unprecedented community collaboration. The Dreamer School model follows students who begin their pre-K-12 journey at Alder Elementary – one of Oregon’s most poverty-impacted schools – through middle school, Reynolds High School and eventually, post-secondary education/certification and family-wage careers. For more information, please visit

Goals and Beliefs

Our ultimate Dreamer School goal is to help students and families break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, including 100% of Dreamer students completing high school and at least 80% completing a post-secondary degree or certificate. We also spur systemic change in poverty-impacted communities by creating innovative, systemic approaches to remove barriers and create opportunities for educational success and by leveraging our Dreamer School model as a demonstration project from which others can learn. We believe that all children start out curious, creative and full of potential. We believe that families wake up every day and do their very best to support their children.

Senior Director of Program Responsibilities

The Senior Director of Program (SDP) is highly a motivated, entrepreneurial leader. The SDP will serve as a member of the leadership team of IHD, sit on the Reynolds School District’s Reynolds Transformational Team (RTT) and direct program staff. They are responsible for setting the vision of the program, leading the collaboration with school/district leaders, major educational and nonprofit partners, families, and community residents to transform a poverty-impacted school and create more neighborhood stability. The SDP will provide central leadership to ensure the continued success of all Dreamer programming, including but not limited to:

  • Setting the vision for the Pre-K to career program continuum.
  • Ensuring culturally responsive programming, communication and evaluation is occurring.
  • Leading a dynamic professional Program Team including five program managers. Working with staff to develop annual work plans and measurements for accountability and program efficiencies. Facilitating and monitoring program budgets.
  • Actively participating with the leadership team on organizational, board, budgetary and HR issues while representing the Program Team.
  • Establishing and executing a comprehensive program assessment and reporting system using in-house database (Effortsto-Outcomes) to track and monitor Dreamers’ progress against goals from early childhood programming through college and career. Implementing programmatic adjustments based on data.
  • Cultivating highly productive relationships with “I Have a Dream” leaders, Dreamer program principals and other building leaders, Dreamer families, district leaders, and members of the community.
  • Maintaining highly effective partnerships with a wide range of best-in-class partner organizations (e.g. leading educational and nonprofit organizations, local associations and businesses). The SDP will be expected to initiate collaborations with college and career partners.
  •   Enhancing the organization’s culture by reinforcing core values and promoting a positive work environment.  Actively assisting in fund raising, public relations, and media relations for IHD.

To review the full job description please click HERE.


Save Your Spot Now!

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The CEI Reframing Racism workshop series will be returning in Fall, 2017.  Due to the high demand for this workshop, we’ve opened registration for October sessions now!  Mark your calendars and sign up today!


Click here to learn more about this workshop opportunity.

Here is a small sampling of past participant feedback!

“I would highly recommend this workshop to others. In this crucial time of conflict in our country workshops, such as this one, are important for individuals, both POC and white people, to form a common ground of understanding on how the systems of racism affects everyone.”

“Be prepared – the CEI “Reframing Racism” Workshop will have you questioning the motives and intentions of your entire life. This work is high stakes, deeply personal, and a transformational experience!”

“Reframing Racism was an invaluable experience. It helped me to locate myself in my path to doing effective racial equity work, and helped me gain a better understanding of the experience I have been having, as a white person. I will continue to reference the cycle of empowerment to keep myself accountable to changing my unhelpful patterns and responses.”

We hope to see you in October!