How long do you typically work with organizations?

It varies. Generally, we sit down with interested participants to determine what their organization hopes to accomplish.  Depending on where an organization is in the equity conversation, the goals they hope to achieve and other factors, CEI will suggest a way to meet their need.  This could be as short as a single day training to full transformational change in regards to equity, diversity and inclusion.  That process requires a one-year commitment.  You can learn more about our different services here.

Our organization is already doing some equity work, do we need to go through your whole process or can we start midstream?

Great question.  First, excellent job engaging in equity work!  Some organizations who are already engaged in this work, come to us for support in specific areas.  We will work with your team to create an individualized process to meet your organization’s specific needs. If your organization wanted to participate in our cohort model, the commitment is one year.

Who are your clients?

CEI works with various organizations; non-profits, corporate, foundations and school districts.  You can view our current clients and learn more about them on our client page.

Do you offer a payment plan for the Reframing Racism Training?

CEI is committed to enhancing our communities by educating the public on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.  Our public trainings are $650 because of the intensity of the workshop, time-commitment, materials, and to ensure the most expert and engaging facilitators are leading.  The experience is rewarding, challenging and critical.   During registration, participants will have the opportunity to donate additional dollars to the scholarship fund which will provide tuition assistance to those in need.  Additionally, in each training, CEI will provide full scholarships for up to 3 individuals.  If you would like to request financial assistance or a full scholarship, please contact Shafina Fazal- Gardner at shafina@ceipdx.org

Can I share the online course with others in my company?

No.  CEI allows one user per registrant.  We do however, encourage you to take your learning to your teams and practice leading them through some of the activities.  For companies interested in providing this course for multiple staff, CEI will provide a group rate.  Additionally, a company may purchase our course and have unlimited use for all staff.  To learn more about that please contact Shafina Fazal-Gardner at shafina@ceipdx.org

May we visit your office?

Absolutely!  We will be offering breakfast networking sessions where you can connect to other professionals while learning more about our work.  You may also schedule a specialized consultation or just stop in to say hello!  Check out our contact info at the bottom of the page!

I see that you hold networking breakfasts – can anyone attend these?

Yes!  Regardless of your position you may attend these events.  We also encourage stay- at-home parents and those that are retired to join us as well!  We intend to bring groups of people together who are all committed to engaging in equity work.  If you are interested – then definitely attend!

How much is it to rent your event space?

Please check out our services section to learn all about our rentals.

Sign Up for “Raising your Racial Awareness”

Participate in an interactive and engaging training that explores systemic racism, white privilege, affinity, inclusion and diversity. Increase your personal awareness and position yourself as a leader for change.
2.5 day training with 4 follow up sessions – group and one-on-one discussions, activities, homework and readings. $650 personal investment.