Sidney Morgan

Equity Facilitator/Consultant

What do you do at CEI?
I facilitate training and offer consultation to organizations across all sectors seeking to advance equity and inclusion.

What did you do prior to CEI?
I have been studying and working in Restorative Justice and Racial Equity for 15 years. I began my Restorative Justice journey in Juvenile Justice with Multnomah County Juvenile Justice department in Portland Oregon. In my time with Multnomah County I worked in several positions that involved Restorative justice work. At the same time, I became certified in Conflict Mediation and has facilitated on-going mediations with families, neighborhood and corporation mediations.

After 10 years with the Juvenile Department I came to work for Portland Public Schools. I spent 5 years training, coaching and supporting whole school staff throughout the district in building in Restorative Justice Practices, as part of their school climate work. While at PPS I was introduced to deep racial equity work. This work included powerful tools for racial equity discussions and personal racial equity examination. I’m grateful for that work, that has fueled me in working for and with CEI.

What do you believe?
I believe that harm and the repair of harm requires truth-telling and invitation to reconciliation. With time, this can lead to Restorative and Transformative Justice.

What question guides your work?
If not you then who, if not now than when?

I do not see how we will ever solve the turbulent problem of race confronting our nation until there is an honest confrontation with it and a willing search for the truth and a willingness to admit the truth when we discover it”