This is Not Your Average Diversity Training: Reframing Equity and Inclusion

Too often, participants leave diversity trainings feeling confused, paralyzed, or unclear how to turn learning into action. CEI’s flagship online course delivers a program that’s completely different.

Our curriculum is designed to engage participants in a way that leaves them understanding more about their own racial identity and those of the people they work with. It provides practical tools for advancing equity that can be applied immediately. And it provides a launching point for participants to engage their co-workers and colleagues in a meaningful, responsible way. Participants complete our course with a plan for taking their learning back to their businesses and organizations.

With the flexibility to work at one’s own pace, while maintaining the opportunity to engage in real time dialogue and sharing with fellow participants and  instructors, we literally meet our learners where they’re at.


What you’ll do: How it works:
  • Strengthen racial consciousness
  • Learn the principles of racial equity
  • Create a business case for equity
  • Develop tools
  • Conduct an organizational SWOT analysis
  • Review your organization’s mission
  • Identify an equity workgroup
  • Create a plan for advancing this work
  • Five learning units over the course of one month
  • One-to-two-hour weekly time commitment
  • Live webinars with instructors
  • Real-time dialogue and sharing
  • Interactive and visual resources
  • Discussion posts, emails, and timely feedback
  • Option for in-person follow-up


Personal investment: $500 per single user.

  • Multiple user discounts available

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Other courses in development:

  • Discussing Race with your Children
  • How to Interrupt Racism on Social Media
  • The Role of White Folks in Equity Work
  • Discussing Race with Family and Friends
  • The Intersection of Racism and Other Social Issues
  • Communicating Cross-Culturally
  • Listening to Understand