Founded in 2015 as a foundation-driven initiative to develop a long-term model of equity building that could support non-profits, CEI quickly grew to serve many other clients outside the non-profit space both in Portland and across the Country.  Our success is in our ability to look beyond the “check the box” approach to diversity and inclusion workshops: we bring a comprehensive approach to transforming organizations. Our model is different and proven.  We are all about shaking up the status quo to drive improved team dynamics, systems and process flows and of course, more mindful leadership teams.  

Our team of highly qualified individuals share a deep commitment to building equitable and inclusive communities. We use the word “communities” purposely.  We see the workplace as a community, a classroom as a community, our civic life as communities, our boardrooms as communities. We see community existing wherever we come together under a common purpose or mission.

Every staff member at CEI is united by a belief that we have the capacity to build communities in which every member is included, connected and contributing to their potential.  Our team brings diverse personal and professional experiences, unique skill sets, and an ability to both personalize and strategically operationalize the work with our client partners. Learn more about us below.

Let’s Work Together

The Center for Equity and Inclusion does comprehensive equity work with various types of organizations. Become an equity leader in your field – inquire how we can be a support to you!